first cheat day in 4 weeks

had two ice cream cones (p nutty from hersheys), some 'bearfoot brownie' ice cream from hersheys, and a small flat crust pizza with olives and onions.

goddamn delicious and satisfying.

I've been having a cheat day for the past 3 f'n days:(

Really just depends on your goals and how many calories you are burning.

I take one cheat day every saturday and my bodyfat percentage is around 7%.

Agreed - I eat very strict Monday through Friday. I eat clean food, but unmeasured on Saturday, and Sunday I eat whatever I want.

Yeah, sounds kind of like the 'Cheat to lose' diet. I guess cheating once a week really helps keep the hormone leptin in check which keeps you burning fat.


But a cheat day to a lot of healthy people is reasonably healthy. A cheat day for the average fatty? Oh boy.

A lot of guides say stuff like have a cheat day, but keep your total calories pretty close...


I successfully dropped 30 lbs by exercising and eating well 6 days a week and then taking one day off and eating whatever I wanted.

Worked well... Just be careful, because sometimes it can lead to binge type behavior. People feel the need to cram everything in to one day which is not necessarily good for you.