First Class

Just had to share the high lights from my first class.

We were discussing war and pacifism.

Prof: "You can't have a war on terror. It's like having a war on the number nine."

another one, while discussing pacifism:

Prof: Our working definition of pacifism is the view that all war is morally wrong.

Student: How about vegetarians? What category do them belong in?

Prof: Well, vegetarians are people who don't eat meat. That has nothing to do with what we're talking about.

Student: But what category are they in?

Prof: Maybe I can explain. I enjoy vegetarian recipies for their taste. This has nothing to do with what we're talking about.

lol, it sounds like a very typical philosophy proffesor.

haha. None of my professors are like that. They seem of the vein that "there are no stupid questions." Although that isn't (i dont think so anyway.... i can see SOME correlation) i've heard some impressively stupid questions.


Although there is some correlation (vegetarians are more likely to be pacifists) I thought this was a strikingly stupid comment. Just the fact that he thought either 100% of vegetarians were pacifists or they weren't. He made this clear in later comments.

sounds sorta like the guy I had last semester who turned out to be world famous expert on the problem on evil. Because I was the only person who knew what Hobbes state of nature was he tried to fight with me about how people werent selfish all semester.