First COMPLETE MMA fighter? (H/L vid)

I know this debate has been done before, and I'm surprised to usually hear Ruas and Frye named as the first complete MMA fighters.  Here is my vote.

Rumina Sato - HL by Hero1
Uploaded by Evilmaster

No know why it not there


 No opinions or Sato fans out there?

He wasn't an elite striker, but obviously his stand-up game was well rounded and a threat, and his clinch game was solid with trip takedowns and nice throws.  And Sato's ground game is legendary.



 And of course, perhaps the greatest submission of all time behind Chonan's flying heelhook on Anderson.




 Don Frye?

Much respect to Sato. His fight with Carvalho was great.


Seemore Butts - 

 Don Frye?

 Frye's debut in MMA was UFC 8 in 1996, Sato had fights in '94 and is "rumored" to have been competing well before that.



Huerta#1Fan - rumina didnt have the striking to be considered "Complete" imo

 Yeah, that would by far be the best argument, although he was definitely not weak there, just nowhere as strong as is clinch/ground game.  But did Ruas really show us a great stand-up game, and if so, where?  I understand he was the first to really exploit the advantage of leg kicks, but I don't think Ruas has shown us anything significantly greater than Sato on the feet.  Of course, you couldn't say the same for Frye, however Frye was just a wrestler with heavy hands where Sato was a complete ground wizard and submission machine.

And actually, Paulson is a very interesting suggestion I had not considered.


Rumina did have the striking back then.

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