First Country Built on Critical Race Theory Officially Implodes…

Interesting article. A view of things to come here? Time will tell…



yeah but that wasnt ‘real’ critical race theory


Did a bunch of South African politicians/activists come here or something? Why is everything in our government suddenly about race with biden?

Destabilizing the hegemonic world power from inside is the safest way to reshuffle the deck. Now, whoever draws high card is the sole world power. Whether it’s us or China remains to be seen. But none of this is organic, the riots last year, the hyperventilating media going haywire over trump for 5 years, the fear mongering and propaganda of covid, all part of the same plan.
When south Africas government falls who do you believe will step in and take over the resource rich area? China.
If you think it’s not planned, go look into who Obama’s ambassador to south Africa was (Patrick Gaspar) and what he did after his tenure.


George Soros’ left hand man apparently.

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