First day no-gi

I took first time class. Worken on kimura and guillotine. I rolled with a guy afterwards,coach said no chokes or subs. The douche wont stop trying guillotines,my throat is sore and its hard to swallow today. I asked him if hes going 100 percent and also tell him to tone it down on chokes,he replies chokes are my thing man. I should have told him elbows to the face are my thing man. He had dracula nails with 10lbs of auto grease under them and left half of it in my back. I just wont roll with this moron anymore,i spoke to the coach about it afterward,he just wont pair me with douche.

dumb throat may be sore from class but i think its from rolling. Perfectly normal to have a sore throat after trainng guillotines?????

Yes, it's pretty normal to have a sore throat after getting choked a bunch of times.

ROFL - Yes, it's pretty normal to have a sore throat after getting choked a bunch of times.

thanks,it kicked my butt yesterday. Im stiff as a board today with a swollen throat haha. Funny thing is i want to learn more.

After my first couple of days of Gi I had the nastiest feeling in my throat when eating. It goes away after a few days. The soreness I feel from NoGi is from legs and shoulder subs. The neck thing is not bad, but that also could be the people I roll with not going yoked out bull on me.

if you were getting caught more then once you should take advantage and get him to teach you his guillotine game.

You can then understand how and when to defend or maybe add this to your game.

He might not have been going 100% and just had a great choking game!

^^i wasnt trying to apply any chokes,i gained his back and could have sunk a rear naked. We were just supposed to try for top mount side mount and ovewrall control,not subs.I bet his choke game is real good aginst guys who arent expecting it,but yes....i did learn something...keep my chin tucked and tight at all times and a few other small things. did i mention he is a regular and wassnt wearing a cup? is that normal.

every once in a while you get a wild man who doesn't listen to the guidelines for the drill. you have the right idea of avoiding him.

chokes are everyone's thing. some people don't wear cups, there was a weird kid in hollywood who had a testicle removed from it getting smashed.