First fight in two days

So on Saturday I'm competing in a Pankration match (MMA with no shots to the head, I know, weird) at a cross gym smoker. I know it's a UG thing, but fuck that place.

cWa -

That's awesome Phone Post 3.0

Good luck bro! :) Phone Post 3.0

First chance you get, punch your opponent as hard as you can in the jaw. He'll never see it coming.

So shots to the body then??? Do you train MMA or BJJ?

What about accidental head strikes Phone Post

So its like Ultimate surrender?


Johnny Drama -

So its like Ultimate surrender?


Hahaha Phone Post 3.0

Shots to the body are allowed.

I've been training both, but focusing on BJJ. Everybody else from my gym on the card is either doing boxing or MT, so I've done stand up with them for awhile.

I'm fighting primarily a wrestler, and everybody says he won't try I bang, just shoot. I never wrestled in High school, so everybody says I'll be on my back. Having never wrestled, but done BJJ for a year and a half, I'm quite used to it there. Phone Post 3.0

Have fun, remember to breathe and when he time comes just bite down and go! Phone Post

jessethekid - Have fun, remember to breathe and when he time comes just bite down and go! Phone Post

The. Fuck my phone. Phone Post

T position to sit down sweep to mount to arm triangle. This is my plan on every comp. I do. never works out, but at least I have a game plan.

breathe breathe breathe

Good luck and embrace the competition. You don't have to be mean mugging everything in sight. Have fun and enjoy the whole experience. Post your fight Phone Post

Good luck! Kick his cunt in. Phone Post 3.0

Kick some fucking ass.

Best advice I ever got. Phone Post 3.0

Not even open hand to the head?

wrestlers have bad guillotine defense, if he gets you down go straight for triangle Phone Post 3.0

I'm calling you out! Let me bang bro! Phone Post