First fight-Opponent pull out

So my first fight was supposed to go down this past weekend down here in TX. I was meeting the guy at a flex weight because he could not make the 205 limit. About two hours before weigh ins the guy's wife calls and says her husband has an ear infection and wont be able to fight.

I had been training for over three months for this fight and was walking around at the weight I gave this guy to flex. I was fighting off a cold myself and never gave it a thought of no showing. Luckily the promoter was cool about the situation and hooked me up with my show money. This weekend was the biggest roller coaster of emotions I had gone through in such a short period.

lol....he had his wife call...

Sorry that happened to you. Dreamer420 better not do this to me!

That sucks bro. I guess you could try to stay in fight shape and be a sub if any spots open up in other local shows coming up.

yeah, it got me down closer to a weight that I want to fight at. I'll be fighting at 185 next time. I still cant believe the dudes wife called.

No one has more injuries and accidents than first time amateur fighters, this has been proven.

That sucks dude--- sorry to hear

Get used to it....been happening to me more and more

The wife is almost always the one who calls.