First Fight: Tanner vs Lawler

This 185 pound matchup is the first televised fight of the night.

BTW, I will be waiting until the round is over to give an update, but it will include the entire round, rather than just a line or two at a time.

thanks striker! Best pBp eva!

tanner. first round g n p

tanner win triangle choke

Round One

The live UFC telecast begins as BJM issues his customary trademarked phrase and the fighters touch gloves in the center of the Octagon. Tanner and Lawler both bouncing up and down, with Lawler coming forward and Tanner backing up. Lawler misses with a one-two combo and forces Tanner against the fence. Tanner lunges in and closes the distance, landing a knee to the body of Lawler. Both fighters continue to bounce up and down and stay on the outside of their opponent.

Tanner closes the distance and clinches with Lawler after Lawler misses with a punch. Tanner attempts a standing kimura, but Lawler pushes Tanner against the fence. Lawler then lifts Tanner off of the mat and over his head, slamming him down onto the mat hard. Tanner immediately works his guard and places Lawler in a triangle choke. Lawler in trouble as Tanner has the triangle in tight. Lawler throws a punch to Tanner, but Tanner stays calm and adjusts his legs, finishing the fight via triangle as Lawler taps out.

Lawler = most hyped up fighter eva!

He sunk that in VERY quickly - good win for Tanner!

Nice takedown slam by Lawler though, very gracious in defeat.

Holy Shit!

I hope to see the rematch of tanner vs franklin

Sweet, what was the time on that?

I believe it was 2:40.

Aus, sorry, but someone always posts a spoiler before the round is up. Even if I blocked black namers from posting, I am sure someone else with a blue name would do the same thing.


Striker18 is the man. Thanks!

Tanner is the fucking man.

I really think that tanner is just now peaking in his fighting career.


lol, thanks xshanex. Did you watch the UFC?