First footage of Resident Evil 4

This is the first video that I'm aware of showing the new changes to Resident Evil 4 that make it different from previous games in the series.


link does'nt work

I test with no problem. Someone else please test it out. This video is worth checking out


Hmmm, won't work for me, but I also don't have an IGN account. Do you truewrestler?

I do have a free IGN account but I logged out and tried it to test... hmmmm

I'm sure the video will be out soon on other sites. It is a bad bad ass video though and worth signing up for if that's what it takes.



Man the whole game looks like a cut scene! Makes me glad I got a gc.


Finally watched the video, and I couldn't be happier. It looks like the best RE yet.
I'm playing Zero right now, but the gameplay isn't thrilling me. It's time for some changes to the formula.

looks cool. will be better when it comes to ps
Owning both consoles, I think GC has better graphics as a general rule whenever a title is out for both. For the price, it's an impressive little piece of hardware.

Looks awesome, kind of reminds me of 28 days later/I am legend. Loved the fight with the gator, that was bad ass.

Nextgen consoles maybe

Wow, the graphics look incredible. Playing that game at night must be scary as hell!

They signed an exclusive contract with Nintendo to release several "Gamecube-only" games on the Gamecube. This included games like Viewtiful Joe and the Resident Evil series.

I think the games look much better than they would on the PS2.



"Too bad no-one will ever know..."

Well, actually, we kind of do.

Take a look at games similar to Resident Evil that have come out on the PS2. I'm thinking of Onimusha, Devil May Cry, etc.

Compare them to Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 on the Cube.

You will find that the RE games on the Gamecube are far superior, graphically.