First Gig

Where was the first place that you played for money? Mine was on a street corner in San Diego (5th and broadway) when I was about 22 or so (almost 20 years ago). Of course I didn`t make squat and I was scared to death, but I was hooked from then on..

My first bar gig was at a little beer gardern here in town (1986) for tips and free beer. My brother and I would get there at 10:00am and start drinking beer right off the bat without eating, then always get in a pissing match about something stupid..

When I was about 14 or 15 I played an Easter Sunday gig at a chuch, made about $130.

I played my first paying gig at a cool little dive that used to cater to a lot of punk/indie/hardcore bands. We got 10 beer tickets and a cut of the door (not even gas money). It was a great time though, the bass player and I split up the beer tickets because nobody else in the band drank. We were so hyped.

The first paying gig I played and was paid was at the local dive. Actually the bar is split into three rooms. The front room is the local dive. The room in the back on the left is more like a small reception room, and the room on the right in the back is a big rental hall. I know the owner and he let's me use the big rental hall when it is available and if I want to use it. So I rounded up two other bands and threw a Halloween bash back in 1998. We had about 500 people through out the night. The bands split the door and the owner got the bar money. Each band got about $250.00 each. Hell of a party.