First half century ride yesterday!

What is up my OG friends!!

Recently I got into cycling. I guess you could call it fitness cycling since I am riding a hybrid bike and not a road bike. I completed my first 50 miler yesterday, had a blast doing it. Planning on upgrading to a legit road bike soon and doing some longer rides.

Any OG cyclists around these parts?

Yup... Cycled from Hanoi to Saigon 3yrs ago... Planning on doing it again next April (I'll be 50)

Bought a fixie 3 days ago... Hard as fuck to ride, I'd love to get up to 100km on that thing, it's a goal of mine. 

Nice bro! Great job.

I have been a competitive cyclist for over 26 years (am 41 now).

I don't do much racing anymore but still love to do the occasional event, centuries, etc.

Have recently gotten into gravel events, you should check it out on the hybrid. Great time usually and no traffic!