First Hurricane!

First Hurricane for Mrs Ned.

Not me.

It’ll likely be a non event for us.

Luckily it passes next week, we are in Miami and the keys the following week.

That being said, as ar as Mrs Ned is concerned, certain death is upon us.


As a Central Floridian and weirdo (redundant), I rather enjoy hurricane season and the NHC/NOAA site is a regular visit. I’m all decked out with generators and batteries…so bring the pain!


Very likely complete non-event.

Especially for me, I’m in N/E Florida.

I love storms.
I am hoping for some good surfing next week.

I REALLY love the thunderstorms. I find them Peaceful. Mrs Ned not so much.


Been through a few. Out side of the crazy cat 4 and 5s, it’s really not that big of a deal.

That is what I keep telling Mrs Ned.

Our area took a cat 3 in 2016, and nothing happened to my mom’s house and she lives 3 miles down the road from me on the same island.

Big storms are really rare here. The cat 3 in 2016 was supposedly the worst in over 100 yrs.

Looks like the track is drifting east instead of west like they usually do.

You might get some decent rain and wind after all.

One model shows west another east. They won’t be able to come close to being able to predict what will happen until the storm hits around Cuba/Hispaniola

Looks like it is going to be nothing for me. I am not even in the cone of uncertainty.

They aren’t so bad. I don’t even pay attention to them anymore. It’s been a normal part of my life since I was a kid.

I don’t remember them being much, but my wife has never experienced one except for Sandy on NYC which was a disaster.

I am beginning to think Mrs Ned is a Cocker Spaniel. Does she also fear the lawnmower and vacuum cleaner?


You sold me out in St Augustine.

I am not sure what you mean?

Hurricanes and the two black racers living in my backyard.

Surprisingly though, she loves gators.

It missed us in St. Pete this weekend
Actually a beautiful, rainless weekend for the 4th

forgive me, what is a racer? Guessing snake?

Yeah we have two living in my yard. They eat the lizards and frogs. One is about 3 ft, the other is easily 5ft. They like to pop their heads up from the grass and scare you.

She doesn’t know about the Mocassin that passed through the other day, but I believe that evil creature was in transit. There was a sheriff’s deputy there trying to run it over before it got across the street and into the yard.

lol. I had a sidewinder slither across the driveway once in North Phoenix. Any pythons?