First Hurricane!

That’s a bold Statement!

I can tell that FL has changed you a little bit.

I fully expected a list of fancy survival snacks paired with wines and a detailed breakdown of all your smart hurricane outfits.

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No the pythons are more South Florida, thank god.

More alligators than people here I think. My brother caught a 10 footer not too many years ago about 2 miles from my house.

I’m not a fan of gators. Your wife is scared of the wrong stuff.

By not scared I don’t mean doesn’t respect.

She likes gators but isn’t afraid of them. We can be out on SUPs or in the wildlife management area next to my house and she gets excited to see them and watch them.

Same goes for black bears and moose and elk and most of everything else we have come across.

But that skinny snake in the back yard. God forbid the little tike sticks his head up from the grass.

I jinxed myself. Now it is looking worse lol.

Zned is a big fan of the Alabama black snake.

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I have never been to Alabama.

Catch 27 was really good. Most restaurants were really crowded each night. That Colombian place always had a massive line. I had a good time overall on the trip.

I didn’t know what you meant by sold you out.

I was just messing with you about not meating up for a drink somewhere downtown.

I’m in the Keys. Passed through here today. It’s been a big nothing burger.

oh ok lol. I thought I did something offensive.

Downtown can get crowded as fuck. Did you go to forgotten tonic?

Did you hit any of the beaches? Where did you stay?

Didn’t go to Forgotten Tonic. Didn’t do much drinking on the trip. We went to St Augustine beach three different days. I got tan and burnt as shit. We stayed at an Airbnb on Mulvey St. The room wasn’t much, but it was cool because it was within walking distance of downtown.

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Hope you have an umbrella handy, you’re about to get dumped on by the storm.

This is not a hurricane

We were in St Augustine over the weekend too. Stayed at the Embassy Suites on the beach, was rad.

High five.


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It has been raining most of the day, but nothing strong. Little to no wind as well.

It looks like a non event but you just can’t predict what these storms will do. I have friends in Louisiana that got hit by one of the hurricanes last year. The meteorologists were only predicting a category 2 or 3 right up until just before it hit. It ended up hitting the coast as a category 4 and only 7mph away from a category 5. The wind gusts were over 190mph.

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Exactly. My work canceled all shifts for today, due to the unknown. It might not be the wind, it can easily be the flooding from constant rain for a day or 2