First images of Telltales Game of Thrones game?

Telltale Games is normally tight-lipped about their upcoming releases, but Twitter account @lifeflower has leaked eight screenshots apparently of the Game of Thrones adventure game’s first episode, “Iron from Ice”. They’re not confirmed, but as Game Informer says, they look exactly like what we might expect from a Telltale adventure. (Here’s shots from The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us for comparison.)

In addition to Tyrion, above, Margaery and Cersei are both depicted, indicating that the game isn’t shying away from having the main characters from the show appear on-screen. This can be dangerous, if they look, sound, or behave accurately. Alternately, Telltale may be doing what they did with the first Walking Dead episode, where they introduced canonical show characters Hershel and Glenn to reinforce the authenticity of the game before sending the new characters on their own adventure.

See the two queens, as well as what’s probably the playable Forrester family, below….



Cool ill def. Look into this game when its released even though i didnt play the walking dead games Phone Post 3.0