first mma class...

so the place i work at put in an MMA gym...i took my first class tonight...learned two things...1-im way out of shape...2-im a pussy...working hard to correct both :) great workout, looking forward to next class...that is all

thanks...i dropped a guillotine reversal to a side choke...saw it on a ufc a couple weeks ago...guy almost shit himself...i got him once, he got me 47 or so haha

forgot to mention i dont have to pay im an employee...jeah

Where you at, Thrill?


Wish you all the best.


No one here benches less than 345.
Dont even ask about our clean and jerk.

tweet tweet

lol grim

congrats on getting back to the gym lets us know how your training progresses

Where at in Illinois?

I wa sint he same situation in my first MMA class. What a wakeup call, I left with no zero dignity that night people,lol. I forced myself to go back though, I loved the challenge.

You just entered the land of 400lb bench, 10 lb CAcks and big bank.

one your first night at fight club, your ass was a wad of cookie dough,
after a couple weeks you are carved outta wood.

well maybe longer than a couple weeks, but just keep showing up. i
remember getting twisted in knots and having my shins look like
forgotten bad fruit on the side of the road. sometimes you take for
granted how far you come because the progression is so incremental.

lol at olfocker and his tiny 10 lb. cack...