First MMA fight, 49 year old grandma of 4

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                                First MMA fight, 49 year old grandma of 4

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                    <p>She's not your typical cage fighter, but that's not stopping a Walla Walla grandmother from trying. DeEtta Petersen is 49 year old.<br />

She is a mother and grandmother, but age isn't stopping her, it's pushing her. Being in an MMA fight is part of a "bucket list" before she turns 50. “It's just one of those things I want to do. I want to get one fight and get my black belt,” DeEtta Petersen said.

DeEtta has been training in mixed martial arts at Calhoon's for about 4 years. “Originally I brought my son and he was going up through the youth ranks,” DeEtta said.

DeEtta wanted in and after watching her first fight she was hooked.“It's just one of those things that just intrigues you and draws you in and so I think by the 4th fight I was like I want to try that,” DeEtta said.

Her big fight night was last week, but her competitor was hurt and it was canceled. She's not giving up; DeEtta plans to fight in the next MMA show in Walla Walla in a few months to see how she stacks up against the competition. She'll go head to head with 20 year olds, but DeEtta says she's been practicing.

“A lot of guys that come in that are brand new are real scared and don't want to hit a girl or grapple with a girl until she starts working them over and then they want to step up their game,” Travis Maiuri, at trainer at Calhoon’s Mixed Martial Arts.

She has a lot of support and her training team believes she could really do a good job. She hopes other women will follow in her footsteps, never letting age limit accomplishments.

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