First Movie in Blockbusters Today!

Starring my first Coach JASON YEE and my last Coach CUNG LE! It was done on a shoe string budget and they cut down my fight scene but im proud to be apart of it!
In BLOCKBUSTER Today, check it out!
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Oh, and for everyone in the Bay Area come check out my 1 year Anniversary Muay Thai, San SHou, MMA SMOKER!
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check out the trailer on you tube. "DARK ASSASIN"

Any comments on the trailer? No one wants to hate? Come on guys you can do better!

that looked stupid. Just kidding i didn't even watch it.

Hey, at least you made a comment. 289 people just looked at it!

What was the budget?

congrats! i wish i was fighting on a movie!

like 80k

one more time for the top 50 posts!


Congrats, looks good for such a low-budget project! I hope it does well for you guys.


That guy in your "Fight Night" poster doesn't seem at all bothered he's getting KTFO lol.

im supposed to be fighting on your smoker rudi. should be fun.

Hey man sorry but I downloaded that movie months ago and I´m sorry to say that it is really terrible.

Cool man, congrats to you guys for getting the movie out there. Good luck with it, I'll have to check it out. :)


Well thats what you get for 80k. Most low budget independent films are done with a million so you get what you pay for. But im proud of Jason for getting it done, he put in alot of blood sweat and tears to make it happen. Yeah my partner in the poster needs to work on his acting skills. Ken, I am working on the matchups now, see you on the 30th! Hope everyone in the Bay will come down and check it out.