First movie you took a date to

Robin Hood: Men In Tights

Yes, I know. Random as fuck.

What about you guys?

And to anybody that mentions a Drive-In, you're old.

I honestly don't remember.

Dougie -

I honestly don't remember.

This is a shame, 'cause your stories are always solid.

Dogma. Poor choice.
The whole movie I'm trying to summon the courage to make a move, and then the shit monster came out...fucked me up. I was already nervous enough.

Hard to make a move after giant feces monster appears.
Dammit Katie, you had a smoking body, your teeth were fucked but you were still highly fuckable.
The whole date I couldn't pull the trigger. 2nd date the same.
I'm almost positive by the end she thought I was gay.

Yes I am gay, but she didn't know that.

A Knight's Tale.

A lad I knew was sitting a few seats back and kept heckling me. Son of a bitch.

Open Water

Look Who's Talking Too.   First date.  First Hand hold.  WAY too chickenshit to try for the kiss.  

Went home and felt like GOD for the rest of the night.  

As far back as I can remember being of age to drive.

Downtown San Marcos, TX - High school girlfriend and I went to see Face Off (Cage & Travolta).  She had on this summer dress and no panties (her surprise to me halfway through the movie). 

She rode me reverse cowgirl during the movie in the back row.  There were only 8-10 people sitting mid/front rows so we weren't worried about being caught.

Good times.

Silence of the Lambs.  It was her choice, honest.



No, it really was.


Despite Cruise and Kilmer no doubt having her wetter than an otter's pocket, I made no move.

The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner

Stand by me


felt her boob

Mrs. Doubtfire

American Psycho

Batman Forever.

Got catfished, lol

I think the Ninth Gate. I remember when the hot chick (devil) starts riding Johnny Depp at the end and thinking it was pretty hot. 

GUMBY ? - 
Dougie -

I honestly don't remember.

This is a shame, 'cause your stories are always solid.

Never Back Down. Kind of a gay choice now that I think about it, but we still macked through it all.

i was going on a 'date' with a bird, i rock up and shes there with two of her friends and were watching "mona lisa smile"....bailed after 10 minutes and ate popcorn all the way home, no vagina in the world is worth watching that movie.

Pulp Fiction. Both 14. Walked right in.