First Non-Brazilian Black Belt ever?

Does anyone know who was the first non-brazilan to receive the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt? I know Craig Kukuk was the first American back in 1992 but did anyone proceed him? Was there another American or maybe someone from europe, other south american country who got there Black belt back in the 70's or 80's or did someone get an Instructor/Navy belt pre 1967 before the use of the Black Belt?

Craig Kukuk

Would people who also trained under Maeda with Carlos like the "Ono Brothers" and Geo Omori count as well?

Worth noting Omori opened perhaps the first "Brazilian" jiu Jitsu academy in Sao Paolo and whilst he could be dismissed as another trad/japanese JJ guy he is arguably a "BJJ" forefather since:
-he trained under maeda
-he went on to teach people in sao paolo who very definitely are "BJJ" practioners including Luiz Franca Filho (the teacher of Osvaldo Fadda).

No, Im talking about under the Gracie Academy or there offshoots. I can't believe a foreigner didnt relocate to Rio from either Europe, North America or another South American country and stay in Rio long enough to get there Black belt since they began teaching in the 20's. Not one, before they came to USA

 Kukuk stated numerous times that he was the firs American GJJ black belt. TIFWIW...

Nelson Solari? BB under Carlson, originally from Uruguay.


^ Thanks for the info. Any idea what year?