First of 2000 Mules Surrenders w/ Guilty Plea

Spoken like a true cuck. Dinesh just released this and already people are getting arrested as more and more tune in.

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the two things are completely unrelated.

She was not featured in 2000 mules and Dinesh D’Souza did not make that documentary?


That election was riddled with shit like this and people in masks lol just RIDDLED.

Stolen election! Had to get Obama in there for a third term because Trump was Guy Faux with a stick of dynamite blowing their warped marxist / globalist/ progressive leftist agenda to absolute shit.

He was calling out the “deep state” and the “elites” like never before either in his last year.


Wow, she faked four ballots.

It’s happening !


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are you not implying that because of the documentary this case was uncovered and she was arrested?

Any time you hide whats going on in a ballot counting place, 125% there is fuckery going on


For the second time. She got indicted in 2020 and now again for the primaries

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all of the charges are from one incident, august 4 2020

This right here is a prime example of how the left values our democracy.

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Not the November general election?

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Well, I’m convinced: D’Souza solved it! What’s his Venmo, I need to send him more cash!

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If you’re not cheating you’re not trying.

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That was another past charge she was already indicted for, derp… LOL, that comment proves the leftists cannot read past the elementary level.

“”“YUMA, Ariz. (AP) — A Yuma County woman who was indicted last year for illegally returning four voted mail-in ballots that were not hers is facing three new felony charges.”"""

This story is about her new charges. She has pleaded guilty to ballot harvesting during the 2020 election. Hope you understand now. :rofl: :rofl: