First of 2000 Mules Surrenders w/ Guilty Plea


cunt needs a bullet through her head


So, this guy really won, right?
Donald Trump Dancing GIF by MOODMAN

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That’s Donnie Boy and yes he did.

You didn’t also find it a coincidence that Biden was surrounded by damn near 15 thousand N.G troops on inauguration day?.. when all the lockdown shit was going on too boot lol?

Why? Afraid of revolting people perhaps because it’s all horeshit.


there are no new charges - did you read your own story before you chastised someone else for not reading? lol

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Thanks for the edit; I was struggling there for a bit.

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Not sure if you’re trolling, or just brain-dead? :thinking:

thats not in the link you posted, that is from an article from last october - not new.

the article you posted is about the fact that she changed her plea.

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This time it’s Texas.

June 17, 2022
Texas Woman Pleads Guilty to 26 Felony Counts of Vot­er Fraud

glad they were caught, prosecute them to the fullest.

nothing to do with 2000 mules or the general election tho.


Doesn’t matter, these people pleading GUILTY to voter fraud just goes to show there’s no such thing as honest elections.

There’s thousands of other people that committed voter fraud, but they’re either not going to turn themselves in, or haven’t been caught.

If you think elections are completely true and honest, you have a learning disability. Don’t be alarmed, billions of people just like you around the world believe in “voting”.

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i have never said that, dont think i have ever heard anyone say that. some amount of voter fraud happens in just about every election im sure. it just isnt widespread and organized for the most part, when you do find any organization it is usually in smaller local races like the one you just presented.

the thread is about evidence supporting the claims made by the 2000 mules movie, your example does not relate to that in any way other than to say 'fraud exists", which everyone already knows.

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All fraud from the same side, right?

The science changed? :joy:

Who was in charge of the Executive branch and called the NG to DC? I’m pretty sure it was the guy before Biden, as Biden had no power to call them there. Now, he did keep them there longer than I expected.

Yes. The billionaire who did great things for the richest / most powerful Americans was “Guy fucking Fawkes.” Did you ever think he talked about “deep state” and “elites” (which he is abso-fucking-lutely one of) because it worked on the masses? He WAS President. He had all of Congress and the majority of SCOTUS in his party…what elite cabal did he out? Champ…it’s messaging.


Trump called out Islam, told the UN Global Migrant Compaq to piss off and made a lot of progress on a border wall while funding ICE/Border patrol/Military/Police.

Killed Qasem Soleimani watched the footage and said he loved it lol Donnie was pro the country he was elected to run. Unlike Trudeau who envies the one he was elected to run.

Trump called out the rabid mainstream progressive leftists all the time, through being politically incorrect he brought patriotism back in a big way in America and that’s the main ingredient to dismantle the 21st century facist left plans for Western civilization.

Then the election Covid comes along mail in voting is bigger then ever before because of lockdowns/Covid 1984 and Biden while America is vacant everybody is in doors or out in masks the iconic photos of a ghost town NYC and gets sworn in surrounded by 15 thousand troops after he “wins” psh, unreal.

Deep state that he called out had to pull something to get this nationalist/patriot out of office he was waking America up and he had extraordinary power than most "politicians " running for or in office.

He was looking to make the future generations strong and patriotic, not weak and gay like the dems want.

A big time Savior of sorts and America/The West needs more of it damnit! …Or DeSantis.


This has absolutely nothing to do with Biden or 2020. I don’t think these examples help your case. 1) When you use examples outside of the election you’re questioning, it makes it look like you’ve got nothing for the election that you are actually questioning and pulling straws. 2) a single actor in a relatively non-important election was caught. The system catches fraudsters. If there was an organized, nationwide endeavor doing the same MO over and over…they’d be caught.

Edit to say: That said, I hope they investigate them all. Casting doubt on US democracy is terrible and they deserve their punishment.


The left ignores common sense.

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