First of 2000 Mules Surrenders w/ Guilty Plea

1999 mules to go

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Trump fucked the country by not being able to control himself on twitter, but he was a beast on policy. No other modern American president did more for the average working American. It is a travesty he didn’t get a second term.


The idea that he did so much comes from Trump because he always said how much he did. When you actually look at the legislation he was one of the most unsuccessful presidents of all time.

Obama did more in his first year for instance – somehow got bipartisan support for healthcare. Trump couldn’t even get an infrastructure deal done when his party controlled everything. Its pretty unique to be president with a majority and not get anything done. Biden managed to get the infrastructure deal passed somehow, so Trump was at least worse than Biden which is embarrassing


That’s a lot of talk. You are repeating things Trump said.

What did he do? After Trump left office what changed? Other than the supreme court he did not make any lasting changes and every president typically has at least one legislative victory. He just fund-raised the shit out of his base and threw concerts.

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You’re forgetting the tax breaks that killed the budget.

lol ya you are correct his legacy is balooning deficit in four years. Tax cuts for the wealthy, the supreme court and some EO’s that cancelled other EO’s. That is all it takes to be a GOP hero

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The only thing you could possibly be talking about is the affordable care act, which passed with zero republican votes. The only thing bipartisan about it were the no votes. A few dozen democrat voted against it. You’re either incredibly ignorant, which means you shouldn’t be talking about this at all(which you being canadian, par for the course), or you’re just a liar. It’s one or the other. Shut up and stop embarrassing yourself.


I posted a lot of what he did he was cleaning up the country instilling more pride in the people it’s a really important thing lol.

Calling out Islam includes his muslim ban which is a great move.

And of anyone recalls, he kept changing what he wanted (same with his attempt at a healthcare bill) to the point that congressmen from his own party had no clue what he would support

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Trumps party controlled everything? Lol sure buddy

He did the same thing with immigration

His big policy accomplishment in year one was passing Paul Ryan’s corporate tax cuts lol