first official halo ostd review

score 21/20

yes you read it here first :)

 I'm shocked at two things:

1. Redeye would post a Halo review that wasn't scathing  :-P

2. The score would be that high - I would have predicted a 7/10 by honest people and maybe an 8.9 by the paid shills...I still remember the GLOWING reviews Halo 2 got (which it in no way deserved), and haven't trusted reviews of big-name properties since...

/checks window for flying pigs

 Link?  And what the hell is a 21/20? 

you are missing the sarcasm

halo 2 was f'n awesome

 9/10 from Eurogamer Portugal.

good one redeye !

i am thinking of picking it up, the idea of a "gta" new mombasa sounds fun to me.

I never cared for any of the halos. Is this one different playwise?

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Edge - 9/10

G4TV - 5/5 [Read full review]

OXM UK - 9/10 [Read full review]

Eurogamer - 8/10 [Read full review]

GamePro - 4.5/5 [Read full review]

Planet Xbox360 - 9.3/10 [Read full review]

Gametrailers - 8.9/10 [Watch full review]

1UP - A- [Read full review]

Team Xbox - 9.4 [Read full review]

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GamesRadar - 7/10 [Read full review]

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According to IGN its a six hour campaign if you use a leisurely pace at heroic difficulty...

 The people posting in the GAF thread seem to have been averaging 8-9 hours solo heroic without finding all the audio logs and stuff. I think each of the other Halos took me anywhere from 7-9 hours solo heroic. Most of them have also said it's the best campaign of any of the Halo games, with the rest saying only the first was better.

From watching the playthroughs on youtube I think I'll enjoy this more than Halo 3. the open level gameplay should be a refereshing change I think.

I was done with the HALO franchise about an hour into HALO 2.

What kind of asshole doesn't play on Legendary?

 Solo legendary is too much of a pain for me. I get fed up having to do one battle 10 times in a row until I can get through it.

I've been playing this since last night.

This game is actually more difficult campaign wise then Halo 3.I remember playing through Halo 3 on heroic the first time I played,but this game is much more difficult then Halo 3 so I've had to start the game on normal lol.

The story is great so far,and so are the graphics as usual.You aren't playing as Master Chief in this one at all which is great,but you're playing as a squad of shock troopers instead.The thing that really helped is making a health bar.It was ridiculous how Master Chief is made to be a super badass,the fact that you can only take so much damage as one of the main characters in the game is where a lot of the difficulty rides in.

Fire Fight mode is an absolute blast to play as well.Myself and three other friends played a few games of this and it is challenging as well.Kudos to Bungie for making this Halo game actually difficult unlike the previous two games before it.Aside from the campaign mode since I haven't completed it yet,there is a ton of replay value especially with Fire Fight and multiplayer.



 I finally got this and should get into it tonight. Virtually all the Halo nerd impressions on GAF say it is the best campaign of all the Halo games. Most seem to be finishing it solo Heroic in 7-8 hours which is maybe a hair shorter than the other ones. Some finish it much quicker, as little as 4.5 hours. Firefight mode seems to be universally jizzed over.

 Hmm...I'll wait for your astute review before I consider picking this up.

 I should warn you that I'm on a Halo high right now, from having a blast playing Halo 3 co-op over the last week, so might not be an unbiased source.

For what it's worth apparently it is $50 at Amazon, you get a $10 credit back (for videogame purchases only) on top of that, plus another $5 credit if you use promo code HALOODST. So basically $35 if you ever intend to buy another game from Amazon.