First post, WTF is going on here?

No damn android app so I am lost. I don’t visit this forsaken site on the browser. I logged on and click create a shortcut on the phone.

I have no idea how to use this place. You can’t see who made it the thread which is retarded. Where tree hell are the pages? Loading pics and gifs in a 100k post thread will be a data killer.

No Idea how to post anything.

Can you even say faggot


Welcome, faggot.


**[quote=“Nitecrawler, post:2, topic:3663650, full:true”]

Welcome, faggot.


Hey Crawler since it looks like you’re still a mod how the fuck do you quote a damn post?

Like this

What this fagoon said.

No Idea you would think you can hit reply and it quotes the post but what do I know

You did it, faggoon!

No Idea how

If you gotta ask… you probably can’t afford it.

Fuck it quoted the wrong person


There are no pages.

There is a slider bar that lets you slide up and down the thread. I use it from IOS on mobile though, so not sure what the differences are from an Android

Enable Desktop mode to see username of poster


Why are my gifs not animated?

Reply > quote bubble > reply

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that means this site has detected a gay.

I see no sliding bar I just move up and down with my finger which sucks for 1000 post threads

No idea what you are talking about

Tap that once and you will see the slide bar.

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