First practice tonight

Tonight is my son's first wrestling practice. He's excited and I'm excited for him. I just want him to have fun and not get discouraged his first year. Any advice?

You're on the right track. Just encourage him to have fun as you've stated. Just tell him to focus on learning the moves and becoming a technican and not so much on winning. Even the best lose. He will soon come into his own. That's the beauty of this sport. How old is he?

how'd it go? cant wait till i can take my son to his first wrestling practice


How old?

Sorry it took me so long to get back but he's been wrestling 6 weeks now and loves it! He's 10 yrs old. In fact he just had his first meet. With 6 weeks under his belt he did great. He wrestled 3 kids with 2, 3 and 7 yrs experience. First match kid got him with a headlock and hip tossed him so fast and pinned him. He got slammed hard but came up with this what the freak just happened look on his face. I and his coach told him what happened and how to defend that in the future. The second match against the 3rd year kid went to the 2nd period before he got pinned and he scored on the kid with an escape. So I really encouraged him how he was already improving. The 3rd match was against the 7th yr. kid and my boy went all 3 periods w/o getting pinned but lost on points. So for only wrestling for six weeks I was very proud of him. When he was done he was showing me some bruises he got. I asked him if we wanted to keep wrestling and going to meets his answer was "Heck yea!"

Good for him.....Tell him to stay encouraged. He'll close the gap soon enough.