First reviewer to finish GTA IV gives thoughts

 "It's certainly tighter, both in terms of the way Liberty city is structured and the way in which the narrative feels more movie-like than before. Otherwise, everything feels as if it's been given the next-gen treatment; in particular the driving and shooting are light years ahead of past GTAs. Overall, it's a stratospheric leap forward, beyond anything I'd imagined.

How many "Woooaah, Jesus that's amazing!" moments did you have?

Without giving away any spoilers; lots! I think, overall though, it'll be three overall things that entrance GTA fans like never before. The City is one, with a lighting engine that has to be seen to be believed, plus the incredible dialogue and characterisation is genuinely Oscar-worthy and Niko Bellic is absolutely the most amazing protagonist in any game I've ever played. Finally, multiplayer of course

Are the GTA fans going to happy with the new game, do you think?

Obviously, you can't make everyone happy all of the time but if any GTA fans aren't happy with IV, they need to take a good long look at themselves. Seriously though, this game is going to make a lot of people very happy.

If you had to pick a favourite out of all the games in the series now which one would it be?

GTA IV. By a country mile. It craps on all the others – even the mighty Vice City – from a height equivalent to the Statue of Happiness. Believe me, GTA IV is even better than the hype suggests!


 Sounds awesome, but lol @ "Oscar-worthy dialogue and characterization". Yeah, just like Bioshock rivaled the best sci-fi novels.

 ^You didn't think the voice acting in Bioshock was excellent? I certainly did.

April 30th can't get here quickly enough.

360 is going to have GTAIV exclusive content.

who know what that will be though.

"who know what that will be though"

It's already been confirmed by Rockstar that it's new missions, totaling roughly 90 minutes in length.

Get the 360 version, as they are virtually identical, and the xbox has exclusive downloads that the PS3 won't be getting.

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 ^You didn't think the voice acting in Bioshock was excellent? I certainly did.


The acting was great. The story was nowhere near "the best sci-fi novels" or even the worst sci-fi novels. It was good for a videogame story. 

I might have to go pre-order this!

Word on the street is that both systems will have exclusive downloadable content.

 Supposedly neither version has any load times once the game starts.

360 is the lead platform and the fact that the game was delayed because of trouble with the PS3 version should tell you which version will be better.

"Word on the street is that both systems will have exclusive downloadable content"

I think Microsoft would have something to say about that since they paid Rockstar about $50mil for rights to exclusive downloadable content


I read nothing in that "review" that made me say "I have to buy that game"....

Only losers have that much time to waste on a game that long.

<--- loser here, i guess.

Is that first reviewer Rob Taylor? Because he also is reported to be the first one to complete the game.

"Rob anticipates that, playing at a normal pace, you'll get 40 hours of gaming out of the missions, plus another 25 for the side missions. Others have speculated at close to 100 hours total."

Damn I can't wait.

Can't wait to play this game

I'll play it to pass the time until Ninja Gaiden 2 comes out ;-)

Only losers come on a gaming forum to call gamers losers imo.

 cant wait to play

i will be patient and wait

 mines pre ordered !!!!!!!!!