First round of the year=81

Finally! Golf in Saskatchewan!

Went to a municipal course today and played my first round of 2006.
Shot an 81, and could have been a 76-77. Missed 3 two-footers, and ran another putt about 10 feet past the was uphill and I gave it a ride lol.
The new driver (Ben Hogan CS-3) was beautiful...consistent with length (280+)...let a couple get away to the left.
All in all, a great day. Hope everyone has a good golf year!

good deal, great round for first of the year.  starting the year off on a positive note sets the tone.  keep that attitude even on the shitty days.

LOL..I think the key was not thinking too much.

i shot a 70 my first round this year, mind you it was only nine holes and my first time actually golfing.