First smoke in the smoker.... making ribs

I am going to use the 3-2-1 method.

Rub baby backs with a rub of salt, pepper, shichimi togarashi.

3 hours uncovered in the smoker.

Wrap in tin foil with miso butter and apple cider vinegar.

2 hours in smoker.

unwrap for one hour and baste with Bachans Japanese BBQ sauce.

Serve with sushi rice, and charred veggies.

I am not sure what temps I am going to use yet.

My experience has 6 hrs is too long for ribs. 2 hrs uncovered in the smoker, 2 hrs wrapped in foil in the smoker and the bones will just pull out.

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I took the cooking time from the Traeger website. What temp do you run at for the four hours?

  1. And I’m using my Traeger Timberline 1300 with baby back ribs usually.
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Thanks @Chris

Your photos look great so I’ll take your word for it and go for the four hours at 225.

what temp do you cook at??

nevermind…I should have read more

Mrs Ned just got home with three racks of ribs from the butcher.

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I will say lately I go dry rub and then I’ll drizzle different BBQs sauces on each rib as I eat. I like to mix it up.

I do 2-2-1 for baby backs
3-2-1 for STL cuts both @ 225.

3-2-1 for baby backs and you will not be able to pick them up without the rack splitting

^^^this exactly.

i also raise the temp to 275 or 300 for the last hour to get a better glaze/char if you sauce them.

I stopped wrapping my ribs and haven’t looked back.
Result is a better bark, and no noticeable difference in tenderness.

Feedback from family and friends, as well as my own taste, is 100% positive.

Also agree that 6 hours is too long for babybacks. Starting to get into diminishing returns territory there.

If I wrap, its only for an hour. I like my ribs to have some bite to them and wrapping takes away from that.

That being said, I dont really wrap anything anymore. With a pellet grill, I just dont find it necessary. The only two briskets Ive made in the past year that have been subpar were wrapped.

Everything is all set.

Rub made, miso butter made, ribs ready .

Will put them on around 3pm.

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Looking forward to the results!


Ribs came out good!

The flavor profile was what I was looking for, between the rub, miso butter and bachans sauce.

The texture was more like going to a bbq competition than bbq restaurant. The racks were still firm when I pulled them off and there was bite to them. They didn’t have that “falling off the bone texture” from BBQ restaurants.

I am not claiming to have made competition ribs or anything, but just using the differences in texture for description purposes.

I would have liked them a little more done. Next time I will look for a little more retraction off the bone before I pull them.

I did 2 hours, then 2 hours covered, then about 30 minutes glazed with sauce all at 225.

I am having trouble uploading the pics because I took them in portrait mode.

Hmmm. What did your wrap them in? Did you add any liquid? I usually put a 1/2 stick a butter on the inside of the rack and have it face up with some Worcestshire and ACV. Need to have liquid in the wrap to create moisture to tenderize everything.

I put maybe two tablespoons of butter and a couple tablespoons of ACV, bone side up, wrapped in tinfoil.

Next time I will turn them over and add more liquid.

They were delicious, but a little more tweaking to the texture is needed.

I want to do Thomas Keller’s blowtorch prime rib next. He uses a 275 oven but I am going to smoke it.