First smoke in the smoker.... making ribs

Definitely gotta play with it till you find a method that works for you.

They were tasty as hell.

Previously I had been cooking them sous vide then finishing on the grill, but this had more of a true bbq taste and texture.

Not a fan of ribs with the sauce on, but that recipe sounds interesting.

me neither. I usually just use dry rub on my ribs and I have 4 bottles of different BBQ sauces in OXO squirt bottles that I’ll have out and people are welcome to sauce their own ribs if they choose.

The flavor profile was awesome. I am going to use a lot more miso butter on the next round and jack up the ACV or add sake for the wrapped parts.

The Bachans is a thin sauce and it pretty much just left a little bark, they weren’t wet.

We think alike.

Although my g/f likes them with sauce, so I’ll do a little with sauce on for her.

I like them dry rubbed and will have a couple different sauces out. I don’t like to use a lot.

IMO, slathering them in sauce is just a way to cover up a poor job of smoking

Or it’s a way to have BBQ sauce on ribs, lol.

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Smoke two today.

Whole chicken.

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In for pics. Chicken is the one thing I haven’t had a lot of luck or time with on my smoker. Skin seems to dry out. I should probably read up on how to do it rather than just winging it.

I also really like the crispy chicken skin you get in a pan.

Smoking chicken is just for imparting smoke flavor. I would never serve chicken with the skin on it straight from the smoker. I like to finish smoked wings by frying in oil for 5 minutes.

So how long do you smoke it for?
And do you smoke with or without skin on?

I smoke them with the skin on and seasoned for 90 minutes or so at 225. I then finish them for 5 minutes in 375 degree oil and season again immediately out of the oil. Nice smokey meat on the inside, super crispy skin on the outside.

Try an 18-24 hour dry brine for smoked chicken.

Kosher salt, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, pepper… both under and over the skin, and in the cavity – on a rack in the fridge.
((You can also purchase pre-mixed dry brines with similar ingredients and they work great)).
Let’s the skin dry out.
Salt tenderizes the meat.
Herbs and spices add flavor, especially to the breast meat.
Light coat of olive oil over the seasoning to help crisp the skin.

Don’t stuff the bird

Get a stand for the bird (look online or at the store), and have heat coming from both sides, with no heat underneath.

If you have a smaller grill, you can do 2-zone and turn regularly.
Just no heat directly underneath.

Don’t tie the bird…

Don’t stuff the bird.

You want heat coming up through an empty cavity.

Trim access skin from the top (neck side) of the cavity, to allow heat and smoke to pass through.

Spread the legs and sit in the stand legs down.
This will help crisp all the skin, without soft/chewy pockets.

Use a mild wood smoke like apple.
I like about a 70/30 apple/pecan blend for poultry. But you can riff on this. Cherry is good too. Hickory or mesquite are stronger, so tread lightly there.
Can’t go wrong with apple for chicken and pork IMO.

Aim for a temp of about 300 - 325 on indirect until the the breasts are 160 and thighs about 175.
Don’t exceed 325 or go below 300.
This temp range allows for good internal cooking, but still hot enough to crisp the skin.
The meat will come up a bit after the bird is removed.

Turn the bird as necessary to evenly brown the skin.

Have your sides ready before the bird, that way its trimmed and served as directly off the grill as possible.

Do a test run before making for guests.

That dry brine takes it to another level.

You’ll thank me later.

I let the chicken sit uncovered in the fridge overnight.

Rubbed it with a rub.

First I let it go in on the “smoke setting” then hit the temp to high until it came to temp. Juicy and a very nice mellow smoke flavor. It was delicious, but I do prefer the roasted chickens on my PK where I get it as hot as I can then toss a piece of applewood on the lump and let the chicken roast hot and fast.

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I smoked a pair of whiting filets today, beach whiting I caught this morning before work. I brined them for 10 minutes, then a little pepper and let them smoke at 180 until they started to flake. I put them on white toast with some lemon dill aioli and arugula for lunch.

Good to see Zned embracing the BBQ life.

hopefully in cargo shorts and flip flops

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And a Hawaiian shirt.

I got quite a few from reyn spooner and California cowboy.

Try the dry rub wings cook times/temps on the Traeger app. It works with any style of wing/nibble and leaves them with a nice crispy skin. Tried a few different methods and found this one the best!

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