First smoke in the smoker.... making ribs

Beef ribs go dry, only use rub
Pork ribs get the bbq sauce

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I agree. I never wrap them in the smoker.

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I always wrap, but going to try ribs not wrapped. I would like to get more bark.

Before I wrap I lay down a light layer of brown sugar, 4/5 pats of butter, honey and a little more rub. Then place the ribs bone side up then wrap.

Ordered a gateway drum smoker with some of my doge profits. Now the wait for it to be delivered…
Have a whole mangelista pig being butchered in June and a 1/4 cow in July

I do 3-2-.5 lol. Just dry rub. Applewood smoke at 250 for 3 hours. Little squeeze butter, sprinkle of brown sugar and a drizzle of honey. Wrap and back in for 2 hours. Finish on charcoal grill with sauce. I want some char. All that has to be done with a Tito’s and sprite with a lime and a fat doobie. Do all that and you’ll be golden.