First Superfight Announced! Sept 4

I am VERY excited to announce that Lance Campbell - 100kg+ National and World FIAS Sombo Champion ( and Rhadi Ferguson-100kg+ National and International Judo Champion ( have agreed to a superfight match at the 2004 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships! This is certain to be a great match!

Thanks to both guys for their outstanding and generous offers to compete. They have been true gentlemen in my dealings with them.

Please take time to visit Rhadi's website and support his goal for Olympic Gold!!

This match will be offered along side other Freestyle Sambo, San Da, Thaiboxing, and Full Contact kickboxing superfights at the 2004 USKBA Action Sports World Championships.

Any coaches or fighters interested in applying for a superfight spot, individual, or team tournament application can contact event coordinators via the event website:

Stephen Koepfer,
USKBA Action Sports Freestyle Sambo Event Coordinator

thats cool beans. where is it gonna be held?

Hi Josh,

The dates of the entire event are September 4th and 5th. The event is in New Jersey, just across from Newark Airport. The Superfights are on the evening of the 4th and the Freestyle Sambo tournament is on the 5th.

We have a few more potential superfight matches that need to be matched. The tourney is open to any grappling and jacket wrestling style competitor who wishes to compete under freestyle sambo rules.

The rules and all other tourny info are posted on the link above. We have been getting some really nice feedback. It promises to be a really great event. The idea of bringing multi-disciplines together is really exciting. Lance and Rhadi are two fine examples.

Maybe we will see you and your guys there :o)