First time cycle?

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I think the coolest thing someone can do nowadays is focus on eating a lot of good food consistently and training hard naturally. 

I don't disagree with this.  Everything else should be on point then add anabolics if desired. People think it's something magical but honestly just allows you to work harder and eat just about whatever u want. Hard work still necessary

Haha. And everyone on the planet knew you were juiced. 

So?  I wasn't competing. I didn't care and still don't who knew.  

People take vitamins, creatine, etc, but anabolics are bad?  Why?  

There's use and abuse. I'm sure you feel the same way about people on anabolics that their doctors have prescribed....

There a shift in opinion on this happening.  Women have been optimizing hormones with age for decades.  Similar thing is happening with men now.

That said, T can completely change the game for athletes.  I think eventually it will become legal within certain limits, say a max total T of 1200 or 1500 or something.

Could not agree more.   Hell we KNOW there is a link between estrogen and breast cancer but we start jacking their levels up at 13 with birth control even if they aren't sexually active.  The perception will change.   Its a dumb ass stigma based on ignorance.  The perception will shift for sure. 


Can you get access to pharma grade gear?