First training exp with Royce

Ok, so this weekend Royce and Helio were in town for the grand opening of The LAB in Phoenix and I was doing a class yesterday morning. Now, like many people and probably more so people my age, I started this whole game because of Royce. So understand that though I have met him before, this was the first time in a class setting and I was of course looking to impress in some way.

Now, I have been a blue belt since about 98. I started training no-gi after that for fights, and the last 3 years or so have concentrated mostly on Muay Thai. Im not in a race for belts, so as long as im still improving I dont care.

So in yesterdays class, Im making sure to do the techniques he showed pretty much exactly like he wants. As Im doing this I see in the mirror in front of me that he is watching me from behind. So Im a little nervous but I still do everything pretty well. This goes on for about 3 minutes. He says nothing and just watches.

Then he says to me "Who have you trained with and how long?" I tell him and he asks about who gave my belt to me. I tell him. Then he says "You need a different belt." In my head Im like doing that dance the bannana does when he's singing the Peanut Butter Jelly song. I knew I wasnt purple belt level at all, but hey maybe im gonna get a stripe or something.

Well, he then explains to me that the belt I have with the black sleeve for stripes is wrong. Apparently, the HCK blue belt I have that has a small white stripe at each end of the black sleeve is not acceptable in the something Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fed. and I need to get a new one without the white on it. And that was it. hahahah

That is like being the biggest baseball fan, hitting home runs with the ghost of Babe Ruth watching you and then he comes up and tells you your bat sucks and you need to get a new one... LOL




lol..Royce slapped me around once when he was showing me a technique.

lol, cool story

Good thing he was focusing on your belt and not your technique. What were his thoughts on your undergarments?

"lol..Royce slapped me around once when he was showing me a technique."

Ok, so I didnt get any physical humiliation, but my mental anquish was quite great. Funny thing is after he told me that, all I could say was... "Yes sir."

it wasn't because the stripes are supposed to start from the bottom part
of the black sleeve up, and not at both ends of the sleeve?

I heard the head black belt at MMA LAb is a dick...

lol, good stuff.

Honestly should have just told him its only a belt and that it only covers 2" of your ass.. YOU cover the rest lol

Good! Serves you right!

is training at the lab crazy expensive? Someone mentioned a monthly figure to me that seemed high.

How is the training there? 

btw- The head black belt is my brother so dont let my post deter you lol

lol that owns

royce by belt insult

LOL good story!

I also heard the head black belt there is a dick.

i have the HCK with the white ends...