First Womens MMA fight in Cali

It's gonna go down May 13th in San Diego. I'm fighting Crystal Harris from Valley Fight Club, I'm from Team Jorge Gurgel. I'm a little surprised they didn't choose a more established pair of women, there are some really awesome female fighters out there in Cali, but I'm honored to get to go out there and do my thing and show people what's up. Hopefully this will open some doors for the other girls and maybe make more women want to fight so the pool will get a little bit bigger, because none of us get to fight as much as we should or as much as we'd like. Plus, it's hard for the beginners to get evenly matched and a lot of the really good girls have to rematch eachother. I know there are gonna be some haters posting on this thread but whatever, everyone in the area that can make it out should come get your support on!
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I'll have shirts available at the fight from myself and my fiance Joe "Hybrid" Duarte. You should probably hit the afterparty too because it will be outta control.