First wrestling you ever remember watching?

I’ve always very clearly remembered the first bit of pro wrestling I ever watched. It was Bret vs Piper at WM8. I was only 5 at the time but the image of Bret’s bloody face has always stuck with me. I don’t remember actually sitting there and watching the actual full match or event but I do remember watching parts of that match. 


I know it wasn't my first wrestling I had ever watched but I can still remember the first VHS tape of wrestling I got. The UWF steel cage tape with Orndorff and Dr Death. Was also the first time I got to experience Bam Bam Bigelow!

Early 90's I remember Yokozuna squashing someone

Late ‘70s.

Andre the Giant vs three jobbers. The Samoans  (Afa and Sika) were also on.

Hooked at 7.

First wrestler I remember seeing on tv was The Missing Link.  Hooked right away.

I remember legion of doom and ultimate warrior,  I was probably like 5

ICW...….old Poffo "renegade" promotion out of Lexington, KY. Randy Savage was the heel, Leaping Lanny the face. The Miser used to scare the chit out of me as a kid...that is until Ratamyus showed up.

It was Maple Leaf Wrestling. I remember Dino Bravo and Rick Martel being on it.

WWF Saturday morning wrestling.   Killer Bee's, Nikolai Volkoff.


First memorable thing that hooked me for life was Macho Man dropping the ring bell on Ricky Steamboat's throat and causing him to be stretchered out.

Earliest memories, but I'm not sure of their chronological order. Maybe one of you knowledgable fellows can put dates to these for me?

Hogan slamming Andre.

Andre with a duffle bag full of cash and Henan and I believe it was Big John Stud trying to steal it or something? I remember it being like ripped open and then feeling bad for Andre... so he must have been face at the time?

Hogan vs Shiek and Hogans face all bloody.

A big muscular guy doing feats of strength... one I remember was he had his back to a brick wall and they had a car driving towards him while he held it off with just hs legs. I want to say it was Superstar Billy Graham but the visual memory has a guy with darker hair. 


One fond memory that always sticks out

Sundays after church is when this was on for me

I saw bits and pieces as a kid, but my first clear memory is my teacher bringing in a tape of Wrestlemania 3 for us to watch one day just before the end of the school year.  It was fun watching that with a room full of rowdy kids.


Another memory that disturbed me when I was a kid was some sort of backstage attack in the locker rooms.  I think it was on the NWA.  And I seem to remember the Rock n Roll Express being the ones on the receiving end.  I remember that it ended with someone forcefully rubbing one of their faces into the floor and blood starting to smear on the floor.  As a kid, that kind of disturbed me for a while.  I'd love to figure out what that was a see a clip of it today.


You dont mess with the Horsemen!

Was it this?  Go to 1:50ish

I heard the RnR Express looked like they turned back the clock last weekend in the Crockett cup match (with the Briscoes I believe).  I did see Mortons hurricanrana that looked damn good

I think it was AAA konnan the first wrestler I was a fan of boom


I'm struggling to recall what wrestling I saw first on TV, but live it was Hogan & Bam Bam vs DiBiase & Virgil at a local house show when I was 3yo.

I think it was The Godwinns vs Dink and Doink and The Body Donnas on some saturday morning wrestling show. Can't recall if anyone got hit with the slop bucket or not.

Festus -


You dont mess with the Horsemen!

Was it this?  Go to 1:50ish

That's exactly it!  Looks silly now, but kind of messed me up as a kid.  I think I kind of knew it wasn't real but thought that some parts might be.

Razor vs Shawn IC title ladder match. Must have been about 5? I can vaguely remember Bret handing out the shades but not him actually wrestling.



Mid 70’s WWF. Lots of Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino and Larry Zybysko along with Billy Graham. Plus Captain Lou Albano, Grand Wizard and Freddie Blassie managing. Later on we got AWA on ESPN everyday at 4:00 so I was in heaven. Bobby Heenan, Nick Bockwinkel and my first time seeing Hulk Hogan and the Road Warriors.