Fish Oil Fantasy?

I have been reading a lot about the benefits of fish oil recently and while initially it does seem to offer some benefits the way it is being put out there seems to make it into a miracle cure from everything ranging from joint problems to sexual issues!

There is one particular promoter of fish oil who seems to think it is a cure for pretty much everything. I think he was mentioned in Grappling recently and it really seems like fantasy. Dave Woynarowski is his name and it really seems pretty hysterical when reading through his website ....

Has anyone had any decent results from using fish oil on here or is it essentially just another placebo effect bolstered by ludicrous ad campaigns?

It is a mildly effective supplement at best, minimal benefits

What do you base that upon? Why minimal?

The above mentioned doctor sends out these long factually based (?) e-mails highlighting the plethora of benefits, but then he also claims to be a rebel of the medical world, which immediately says to me he's trying to justify his position of providing dubious info.

Trust me, most of these claims are money making attempts. I have had patients on it for a variety of reasons and have never had one stay on it long term. Remember, just because someone can write does not make it a fact. people can make impressive claims with impressive degrees and be lying.

That is certainly the point. He might well have degrees etc .... but is quite obviously is feeding people outrageous claims.

His claims for another of his products is actually just plain funny. An alleged accident in the laboratory created an energising tonic which he is now selling ...