Well, UG, here's the deal.

Spencer Fisher is the best there is, plain and simple. I mean, he wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence. You know Franca can't hang with his stuff. Fisher is just a big, hairy, American winning machine.

Fisher, R3, flying knee to sternum, after one hell of a battle.

For a free show, there are some pretty good fights on this card...Franca v Fisher, Marquardt v Lister, Herring's UFC debut.

so what's hermes? chopped liver?


this fight will hit the ground, and when it does hermes will outlass spencer. I think spencer has a great skillset, but this ia a BAD matchup for him stylewise.

hermes by armlock or choke middle of rd 2.

Hermes by TKO Round 1.

Really Todd?

I'm surprised by your pick.

". Fisher by TKO or KO before the time limit in a one sided fight."

SO it won't be an after the time limit KO?


I think since Wiman and Lauzon took Spencer down, that Hermes can. Difference being that I don't think Hermes will let him get back up. The difference in ground skill should be noticable right away.

No matter what, it should definitely be a very exciting fight.

Great fight, Fisher takes it.

I respect your opinion Todd.

And I also LOL at your screen name.

Should be the fight of the night.

Hope Hermes is ready and in the best shape of his life.

Great wek of fights in Florida. GFC in Miami Saturday night the 20th and UFC on the 25th. Florida fight fans really get to see a lot of action live in 2 weeks.

go Nate!!

Thiago is a purple belt if I remember correctly.  But that is besides the point.  I think this is going to be a 3 round standing battle and I think Spencer will win via TKO mid way throught the 3rd.


no doubt

ttt for Hermes Franca

Franca's gonna take this one, via submission.

ttt for Nate

"Franca's gonna take this one, via submission."

Fisher is untappable. However unless Franca's got a granite dome, The King is going to cause massive rupture to it.

Go Hermes!!!

"Fisher is untappable."

Perhaps,but once he's unconscious or his bone's sticking out it won't matter.

We all win with this fight! Silva did a great job with this one, but I do see Da' King rockin Herme's domepiece early.

Hermes is a great fighter as well, but just as in any fight someone has to lose, might as well be Franca! =)

I am dying for a new Fisher highlight to add to the collection, I don't see it going any other way than spencer decapitating Hermes after some struggle in the clinch.

I've got Hermes winning this fight by not being American or white, rd. 3.