Fishin Report from this weekend

Hey all!

I have been fishing a redfish tournament the last couple days out of Pine Island. It was a 2 day tournament, actually 1 and a 1/2 day. On the second day the weigh in was at 12:30. This was just a fun tourney for me, I fished it with my wife and out of my gheenoe. I kinda wanted to see how I could do against everyone in that little boat while they are in their 40-50 thousand dollar flats boat.

Well, we did ok but not great. There were about 40 boats in it and we came in 10th. My wife did win top female angler by catching the the largest legal redfish by a woman, it was 7.75 lbs. That paid out 750 bones! So the weekend entry fee, hotel etc was covered!!!:)

Had one thing not so good thing happen though. One of the guys I often fish with was also fishing this tournament. He and I always go over our gameplans and try to help eachother out and we also do this to make sure we don't get in eachothers way. Well, I tell my "buddy" where Im going on day 2 because another friend of mine fished this same area and pulled 20 reds off it the day before. We were cool with what eachother were going to do and knew we wouldnt dog up eachothers spots. So right at the shotgun start yesterday I run up to this spot. It takes about 40 minutes to get there cause Im in my gheenoe and it only goes 25 mph. So when my wife and I finally pull up to this Island my "buddy" is sitting right on it pulling reds out of it! WTF!!!

I was soo pissed! I only had 4 hours to fish and now I just wasted an hour of it! Hell, if he was gonna pull this shit he could have atleast called me and told me so I didn't waste all that time! He just flat out fucked me! It also pissed me off cause we are posta be friends and teammates! They didnt do crap the first day and my wife and I were in 5th place, he had no chance of being in the money anyway!! The fish they pulled off that spot would have atleast put us in 5th place which would have payed out 1000 bucks.

Kinda fucked up, huh?

Hey fish, how goes it... Just found this forum, and its about time!!!

Man just found this forum... FISH I will be in Florida for a month. ( Lauderdale) have wheels will drive to fish! I should be there for the month of FEb.. whats biting?


I am also in South Florida I am going on Vacation starting Feb 6th.

How has the weather affected the inshore bite?