Fishing: What did you catch today?

Post it!

The only fishing I do anymore (outside of pond fishing with my daughter) is trout fishing. And just light tackle. No fly fishing. They’re good to eat. But nothing to post or have a picture of. 

Im going to my sisters soon in Jupiter Florida. My brother in law has a badass fishing boat. (They’re on the inner coastal). I might get some pictures then. 

Two Onos, 1, 25lbs the other 30lbs,

last week two Ahis, 1, 140lbs the other 110lbs

1 3" brim....


Bass are protecting beds. Hard to get them to strike. At least where I was.

I have the day off tomorrow, and really want to go catch some northern pike while the water is still cold. They're delicious out of cold water. Hopefully catch a walleye if I'm lucky, or a perch if I'm double lucky. May Long is usually a bit of a gong show out at the lake though. Probably be better off waiting until tuesday afternoon/evening.

Some of those stats are impressive! 


what did you catch?

Made the mistake of breaking down and agreeing to try a party boat again on Thursday afternoon. The boat didn't leave due to a "lack of angler participation." I guess 7 guys wasn't worth his fuel and time. Wasted a day off and 80 minutes of driving one way. Instead of getting into it again with a South Jersey Pine Knocker, I looked at it as a sign, and elected to start looking into a salt water fishing boat. 

32 bluegill, 9 bass, all under 2 lbs. Farm pond. Fish fry. Setting chupacabra trap with guts.

Caught this today, around 3lbs maybe

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The clap


I’ve always wanted to go deep sea fishing

Big catfish

Small perch

Medium eel 

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Where’s this at?