Fistloads effective weapons?

Ive heard of carryin small pieces of lead piping, rolls of quarters, combination locks and spark plugs. But do these actually work effectively?

I rolled up some pennies and it sure didn't seem itd make a difference if i was to hit someone.

Yeah, I always thought these were weird. The theory is that the weight puts more wallop in your hit. Some people really believe in this bigtime. I mean, people use it, there must be something to it. Can anyone here speak from experience?

I think if you were just gonna walk up and knock the crap out of somebody it would help, but I wouldn't mess with it generally. It would slow your hands down too much, and if you can't hit someone hard enough to get your point across without a fist pack you should probably just STFU.

You can check out the article at about

Part of the reason is that hitting with the empty fist can
damage your hand fairly easily. The load adds structural
support (and weight) to the blow.

A folding knife makes a useful fistload, giving you more than
one option for "level of force". Look into use of the punyo.



I used to carry a roll of nickels that I had taped up in my pocket when I went to school. Had to use them a couple of times, a skinny white kid walking through a black neighborhood isn't alway sa ogod combination...

anyways, the loads work DAMNED well. I hd to use them three tims, two were one punch knockouts, one of which broke another kids jaw with one punch, the third cracked three ribs. Best part was nobody saw the roll of nickels and thought I could just hit that hard, made for a lot easier time in junior high.

It's not added weight that makes it work better, it's the extra support and how much "harder" it makes your fist. Something that is rock solid and doesn't give smacking you in the mouth hurts like a bitch. A nerf ball doesn't hurt because it gives. Same token, a relaxed fist hitting somebody in the face = hurt knuckles, fingers and wrist for punches, a clenched fist = busted teeth and nose for guy getting hit, maybe bruising for guy hitting.

BTW, if the weight of a roll of nickels or quarter slows down your punching in any significant or measurable way.... yeah.... you've really got to get into a gym and start hitting some weights cause you got problems....

I always carry two fistloads - a mini maglight and a T-BOP.

They're useful not only for loading up your fist so you punch harder, but you can hit with a hammer fist type strike and do a lot of damage.

another contributing factor is that little bit of added
weight. once you get your arm moving, you're going
to have more momentum building up, which
translates into more power.

Hey I never claimed to be strong lol

I guess I've been playing around with stuff that is too big to make an effective fistload, especially if people can't usually tell you have one. I've used stuff I could barely make a fist around, sounds like the rest of you know a lot more about this stuff than me :)

I think the most practical fist load for modern times is the mini mag flashlight. Anything else specifically designed as a weapon is asking for legal trouble. Some of the other stuff on Don's sit is just silly.

Don Rearic's a smart guy (though a disgusting racist and one of the most obnoxious humans alive on the net). He has tinkered with weapons a long time, and I take his opinions to heart.

I do think things like little metal flashlights (not so much Maglite, but say Surefire) are good but I always picture them used in a punyo sort of way.

Joey Crawford, pick something small, you want to be able to make a complete fist, not a half opened one. I picked a roll of nickels becuase quarters were too big, and pennies were a little small for my hands.

I looked at my boxing wraps and noticed how they padded my hands, and made my punches feel more solid. Noticed the heavy layers of wrap on my knuckles and palm, how the ones in my palm seemed to give me a "hold" on something. Tried the rolls on a few pucnhing bags, found which one felt best when I hit.

I recommend trying out your flashlight, coin rolls etc on a heavy bag, starting off light and going heavy eventually. Find out which feels best for all out slugging and figure out a way to justify carrying it.

Thanks for the help man, I was fixing to punch you with a can of beer in my hand lol

"Don Rearic's a smart guy (though a disgusting racist and one of the most obnoxious humans alive on the net). He has tinkered with weapons a long time, and I take his opinions to heart."

-I agree with some of his opinions. Racist I don't know. Obnoxious, oh hell yes he is. We disagreed on another web board. He resorted to name calling instead of talking about the subject at hand. I told him to fuck off and to feel free to ban me. He promply did since he was a moderator. I've always wondered what his training background is. He mentions JuJitsu as a kid on his site but other than that I don't know. He is very anti-combative sports. He seems like a paranoid basement weapons ninja that proclaims to be an expert....Damn, look at me bashing somebody on the

Hahaha, you must've been on, unless it was the older "Razor's Redoubt". He booted me from there, too.

Razor's a good man. Rearic, though, is something else.

But as Confucius said, "Of every man, there is something whereof I may learn of him."

It takes a slightly unbalanced guy to go to the trouble to buy and test and review all that gear, and to post it online for the world to see, along with pics and detailed review writeups. So I'm grateful that such a person exists. He's a good information source if someone's considering taking up carrying a self-defense tool. He gives a lot of thought to this stuff.

Anyway, my own thinking has been that folders are just so effective, why bother with fistloads and the like. If anything, a small Surefire or clustered LED is good for emergencies and could be a weapon if need be.

BTW, Rearic's into WWII/combatives stuff. he likes Kelly McCann/Jim Grover stuff, and I think he's touched on Vunak and perhaps seen a Blauer tape or two. I don't know about TMA. He doesn't seem to have a handle on MMA/jits at all.

It was LOL....

SDF has gone downhill since the group of guys from New York affiliated with Cestari haven't been posting much. A very knowlageble group they are. I think Rearic jumped on the combatives bandwagon because of these guys being there once their forum was gone. Lee Aldridge posts there and seems like he knows what he's talking about. I can lurk there only know, LOL. But do that less and less now. It's almost as badb as the "Practical Tactical" area on

If you want to post there, just remove anything with the name "selfdefenseforums" from your cookies, and open a new account.

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