Fitch:I feel like Ive been demoted

But he's loyal to the UFC and wanst to kick ass!


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So what's the excuse this time? Put this man on the main card PLEASE!!!

He is a really exciting fighter who continues to win.

thanc for the read guys

Fitch vs anyone at 170 is exciting........would like to see him fight Koscheck or Diego next...


which show was he on the ppv?

who was the main event?

I don't think I have seen this guy fight yet

Fioravanti vs Fitch is gonna be a good one.


"which show was he on the ppv? who was the main event?"

UFC 64 The co-main events were Florian/Sherk and Franklin/Silva.

At least he hasn't been dropped into the WEC.

plus he isnt going to get a title shot any time soon, its to bad because he is one of the best in the world


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Fitch is definetly a bad mother fucker. I dont know why we havent seen him again. He should be getting title shot after another fight or two.

I have never seen Fitch fight so I dont know but... dont be suprised when Luigi puts him on his ass.

"I am not letting it get me down though, because hell, I?m still fighting in the UFC and getting paid very well to do it. My time will come. As long as I keep handing out beat downs I will be headlining soon enough.

What a refreshing attitude... hopefully we'll all see this fight at the end of the PPV anyway. Can't wait to see more of him in the future

Great interview btw

Lots of worthy guys have not been on the main card, every UFC...

I don't think Jeff Joslin would have a problem fighting him........this time without the time outs.