Fitch or Alves?

Who do you guys think deserves the next title shot?

I think Fitch does with his record 8 wins in a row.


Keep one eye on Alves though. He's on fire.

 Fitch without question beings he's already beat Alves extremely convincingly

Alves all day.

Fitch did beat Alves,but Alves is a different fighter now.The way he ran through D'Souza and Karo,two high level grapplers,makes me think he'd take a rematch.ATT has become possibly the greatest camp in MMA.

Not to mention Alves is about a billion times more exciting,and has one of the best personalities in the game.


Keep one eye on Alves though. He's fine

hehe :)

 I don't see how you can not give it to Fitch, dude has racked up 8 straight victories against tough competition.

My fault,it says title shot,not who would take a rematch.

Yeah,Fitch deserves it,but he would get handled IMO..

Then you're not too familiar with Fitch. He doesn't get "handled"



lol@Fitch getting handled. Only the BJJ (Brazilian Jim Jones) cult says that shit.

Brazilian or BJJ proponents by default are the best ever according to this site.

No,I'll admit he has as impressive a record as you can have,only losing against 205 lbers.But he just doesn't inspire much confidence in me.Hironaka almost submitted him,and his fights against Diego and Wilson weren't exactly convincing.Roan and Luigi are good,but are they really top competition?He hasn't been handled yet,but GSP would surely break the cycle.

 fitch can fight gsp for the belt.  alves can ko serra, the former champ

How did the Fitch-Alves fight go down? Looked like Fitch was on his back and caught Alves with an upkick. Did that immediately lead to the TKO?

No.......fitch beat on him a whole lot.

Neither. Marcus Davis after he beats Swick.

Fitch beat Alves, pretty obvious, he gets the next title shot. i'd love to see Alves fight Diego though.

fitch took him down and subbed him...nothing to do with an upkick

alves did drop him early though

wouldnt mind a rematch. the only issue is one would lose

alves is 7-2 in the UFC while fitch is 8-0

alves was also winning both fights lost. almost TKOd fitch in the first and won the first round vs fisher, got over zealous and got caughtin a triangle.

Fitch has definitely earned it. Alves and Koscheck should be fighting each other next, that is if Kos gets past Lytle.

 Alves vs. Diego would be AWESOME