Fitch squandered Conor's attractiveness.

Horribly worded title, I know. Anyway, I was eating dinner with some family last night when my San Francisco living, far left, violence bashing uncle swung by to see what was crackin'. At some point, he started talking about Conor McGregor, how cool Conor McGregor is, he hates fighting but he wants to see Conor fight blah blah blah.
If you knew this guy, you would know that this is a true testament toward Conor's ability to bring people to the sport. In passing I mentioned that there were fights on. I couldn't for the life of me remember who was fighting on WSOF or I would have just kept my mouth shut. He actually wanted to watch them, and his first MMA fight ended up being the travesty that was that Nick Newell fight. However, a guy with one arm won, so it got some brownie points. Ivanov's fight was entertaining.
Then came Fitch vs. Okami. Why Fitch? Why Okami? Why did you do this to me?
That was the worst first main event for someone to see, ever. You took the bridge to the sport built by Conor and burned it to the %$#@!ng ground. Fights like that should never be a main event, UFC vets or not. Fights like that should never even be booked. Has anyone ever enjoyed a Fitch fight? No. Has anyone ever enjoyed an Okami fight that he didn't get KO'd in? No. So why book it? Why would you ever make that a main event? Screw you WSOF.

So you agree with Fitch vs Sheilds for the vacant lw title? Phone Post 3.0

BOZY - So you agree with Fitch vs Sheilds for the vacant lw title? Phone Post 3.0

No comment. Hopefully it's not a main event, but I know it will be.