Fitch vs Hughes makes sense

It is very obvious that there will be no title shot for Fitch after the no post fight interview. Who else wins 30-27 in the co-main event and gets no interview???

Hughes was very impressive and we all know that Fitch wouldn't be able to just hold Matt down for 3 rounds. If anything, facing a great wrestler might actually bring out the best in John.

Zuffa, make it happen!

 I agree with this.  They need to stop putting Fitch in the ring with people he can blanket at will.  It acts as sort of a dual test, to see if Hughes can still hang with younger fighters and to see if Fitch can handle another dominant wrestler outside of GSP.

I'd rather see Fitch fight the winner of Kampmann/Shields beings Hughes has already expressed he plans on taking the rest of the year off.

I know you'll catch shit for this because these two are made to have a boring fight, but I agree with you.

It's not a fight I would enjoy watching, but it is a fight I'd be curious who gets the judges decision.

Neither Hughes nor Fitch will ever get a title shot.

you have 5 slots to fill on ur 50 dollar ppv, why not put this one on it, two big names.

I think their wrestling would pretty much offset each other so I think it would be much more exciting. No way Fitch could do to Hughes what he did to Saunders or Thiago. Hughes would reverse or get back up so I think it would be a fun fight.

UFC doesn't want Hughes to lose until his retirement, they know it's coming soon. Hughes will fight Hallman next, they aren't gonna give him fights where he would be a big underdog.

Fitch would PWN Hughes...10 years ago, different story... 

RickRude - <b>Fitch would PWN Hughes...10 years ago, different story...</b> 


Fitch is bigger, stronger, and a better wrestler. He also has a submission background, as he trains with Dave Camarillo.

I wanna see Fitch-Hughes anyway.