FitDay Calorie Calcs Correct?

I'm trying to diet and reading up on nutrition, etc.. I logged onto and it's stating for a 198 lbs, 5'8" guy like myself who's doing
1 hr of weight lifting and 2 hours of mma, I'm expending 4679 calories a

Some how this doesn't seem right. I've been eating around 2000 calories
a day. I feel weak and gassed most of the time, but I figured that was
normal for anyone dieting. How many calories do you nutrition experts

I double checked the basal rate it gave me against few other online sties, it it was  about the same. One thing I did was move it to seated work, even though I do move around a bit to lower my calories expending a little bit.

A great co-site to use with it is

For all of the food items that fitday doesn't have.

 Any good tips for figguring out?

 Always seems high when I use it. 5'9", 135, goal to "maintain weight" and it says like 2700 calories/day, which sounds on the high side.

I've always thought that Fitday does a really bad job on the exercise calorie estimation. I would suggest just not using that part of the program and only using it for food tracking. For what I consider correct baseline for my height/weight, I have to put "sedentary" in every category.

On Fitday, I use the standalone version which is still at version 1.0. Damn I wish they would do a little work on that program. There is a lot of room for improvement and I'd buy a new version if they fixed them.

 Cool, I've been doing that for about 2 weeks as far as the food goes, ill have to do better as far as tracking activity.