Fitness guys: Is this a good idea?

After reading SOTPH's thread i have been wanting to add maybe 30 mins of cardio before breakfast each day. Are these bikes worth $100 I just need something to burn some flab while I watch some TV

Yea I have just seen people use these, and wondered if they work well. Thanks for the input brotha

I am not a fan of the pre-breakfast cardio, but as long as the bike doesn't break and you use it, should be fine.

I figured $100 aint too bad as long as it lasts me a while. I had a Marcy bench that lasted for a long ass time so hopefully the bike will be of decent quality.

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$100 is about a fifth of what a schwinn would cost so the price is right, not sure about the quality. The only negative to the fan bike is they get a little noisy. Phone Post 3.0

You can find much better quality for the same money used on craigslist. People buy the best shit, never use 'em, then have to sell super cheap because the market of used equipment on Craigslist is flooded. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah the noise may make me crank up whatever episode of workaholics I use to pass the time. Its cool I have the 2 yr warranty on my surround sound speakers!

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UGCTT_ShanTheMan - Used on cl....gotcha. I just don't want to get raped
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garythekid - I've never understood working out in any capacity first thing in the morning before eating anything. I think I'd feel like shit and get a headache and/or stomach ache. Or pass out. Phone Post 3.0

This is kinda how I felt but i figured I can crank a few mins out before breakfast, then go lift like usual. Apparently it burns more fat for flabby little faygs like me.

Will do. Only things stopping me from getting a traditional exercise bike are the arm moving deals and I am not sure how noisy this thing will be in my living room. Whatever I decide i will post pics/vids of me whipping ass.

I prefer working out in a fasted state. I have more energy.

However it goes not necessarily make u burn more fat. You must burn more calories than u consume. Timing has very little to do with it. Phone Post 3.0


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