Fitness Plus

Hey Scott or Colin what is your guys schedule throughout the week. I am home from the 7th-17th and was planing to come train with you guys a bit because as soon as I come back to Edmonton I have a couple BJJ tourneys. Post on here or email me at
Thanks guys

Hey Johnny,
Check out our website at for the schedule. You'lle get a killer deal to train here for those 10 days. If you show up consistently, free!!! If not, drop in rates for you!! j/k.

Hey Scott or TJ I wasint able to rent a car like i was planning areeither of you guys living in Halifax and driving by or around clayton park?
my cell is 233 6710 might have to dial 780

Sorry Johnny,
Probably wouldn't be able to pick you up. But, if you make it over I am sure I can get you a ride home after class.