To my knowledgable brothers on the OG. I was hoping you could checkout the workout routines on and tell me what u think since i have no knowledge on working out.

I am a beginner and was hoping to find a good and safe workout programme to bulk up. I was looking at the strength and power workout (3 days a week). Do u recommend it?

Thanks guys!

I worked my way through 2 workouts using it (Martial Arts and 2 x per week full body).

I found it to be useful and informative though some might argue that there is a fair ammount of duplication and redundancy in the workouts.

I found it to be a good way of getting myself into the right mindset and motivating myself, also stopped me cheating as I had to complete the full workout.

Only problems I had is that towards the end of my second 12 wk cyle, the whole site went down for about a month prior to this I had a few days where it wasn't there which is a pain in the arse.

cheers cockney...

any other info?

did only the wrestling workout. it's 4 days of lifting and never followed the rest frequency it suggests. Sometimes the lifts can get taxing. My first workout using explosive lifts. Did it my first time back in 1999-2000. It helped me condition for pretty much anything I did- judo, bjj, and work. The cardio which is absent in the workouts are pretty much your domain to do. I did only 3mi cumulative runs with some bouts on the elliptical traininer. With exception to the lack of cardio workouts it seems to be a decent and complete workout.

Did it again recently but after the first week I was into it the site shut down for a while. it just came back up and to learn my lesson I saved every workout for the 3 month period. But right now I have been doing strength-endurance workouts and the gpp to improve in other areas. Also I don't get much time at the gym right now so the 4 day wrestling workout is hard to complete right now.

But hey it's free, there's nothing wrong with the workouts, and it's free.

Interesting site, but free? What's the catch?

so far no real catch to it. The workouts are only for 3 months. You don't have to use your brain that much to figure out the program because the computer spits out your workout. That could lead to you losing a knack for writing out workouts which may lead you to depend on FITREX. But only recently the only major catch is that since it's free, if the site shuts down you lose your workout and you can't sue them for fees for their services. Other than that you are stuck with what you are given. But youcan always choose another workout to work with or change your poundages to progress.

No Email advertisements?

None that I have received

same here, no advertisements. hard to believe, and too good to be true. but it does stale the grey matter when you depend on fitrex too much.