I cannot fucking wait. I need this vacation so badly. Been working a lot, dealing with thise damned injury and the girl I was supposed to see tomorrow just gave me the shaft (and not in a good way). Can't wait to see all my boys, train hard and have a fucking blast. Will Friday ever get here?

Portland here I come. Watch out...I am single and scorned...LOL!

Rory "ain't nobody gonna hold me down" Singer

yeah yeah yeah

"Watch out...I am single and scorned...LOL!"

Uh oh. . . .we will have to send a warning party to Magic Gardens.

"Magic Gardens"

Damn Damn Damn

My wife Rebecca and I are both looking forward to getting out
there this week to train and to meet everyone.


PS: Matt: you have mail:)

So then.....who is going?!

From One Dragon:

Jonathan Wright

Chad Angelocci

Lou Pilato

Mike "Doc" Sasoni

Marcelo Gonzalez

Fletch Fuller

John Davis.


Yeah baby!

Magic Gardens rocks!

LOL (pssst...what's Magic Gardens?)

What goes on in Magic Gardens......stays in....


Is it September yet?

Magic Gardens? Isn't that a new type of 2 on 1 for a clinch?? Oh never mind...Looking forward to meeting ya'll on Friday.

The boyz from Texas

James Walker

Wally Herrera