Five Killed, Eighteen Wounded In Colorado Springs

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I have no idea from sexual or not but if the kids are old enough for storytime then they are NOT old enough to learn about men who dress as women.

Use some fucking common sense.

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The problem is fags are doing it to each other so it throws out the whole Trump MAGA theory.

Scroll up a few posts and listen to the Dad of the killer talk.

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Are you saying he might have learned something from his parents?

Calling homos oppressed is absurd. The LGBQT community has to to be one of the most highly elevated sub cultures and groups in this country, with trannies currently the top of the pile.


You got to be shitting us. I’m not a fan of the flamers & the like but tons of homophobes go out of their way to get hammered & seek them out to beat the sheet out of them. ESPECIALLY in the hood, hence the term ‘downlow’.

Similar to the violence against asians nowadays. They’re associated with guilt by association because of the 'Kung Flu/Covid" and people are just randomly cheap shotting them on the streets. Youtube or google that subject and watch the never ending beatdowns.

People are generally overly emotional & facking stupid and hate just to hate. Hurt people, hurt people.

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Blacks have been attacking Asians long before Covid was a thing


We all get bullied as kids…some handle it better than others.

The murderer was not bullied as much as he was bully.

He hates everything and everyone,blames his problems on others…like his Dad.

Just a weak man molded by these gentle times.


Did you miss the beginning of this thread? The “left” was salivating before any facts were out. The “right” was reveling in pointing out the hypocrisy, that’s all.

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There is no bullshit narrative.

There is a massive push to sexualize children.

It is happening in schools, libraries and drag clubs across the country.

This is documented and verifiable fact. It cannot be denied.


Let’s do this - what do you mean by that word “sexualizing” ?

Because you’re throwing it around a lot, and I don’t know exactly what you mean with it

Jimmy23, the pedo apologist, folks.


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Excited Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


He means gay people

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If he does respond at all, he will say something to the effect that I know what he means and so does everyone else

He won’t define his terms because its a vague word with little meaning and a lot of emotion

Molded by his shitty parents imo.

He has 5 1st degree murders on him, do you think he is worried about a hate crime?

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